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Name:Nicholas S. Smith
Birth Date:August 10, 1979
Hair Color:Dark Brown / Black
Race:Native American: Sioux
Eye Color:Brown
Height:6' 2"

I have been working with HTML and other languages of the Internet for about 9 years. Everything I have learned about HTML and JavaScript, I have taught myself. Olympic College has taught me things about programming I never knew before. I have been involved with the Internet ever since I got a computer with Internet connection.
Since I have taught myself mostly everything I know about the Internet and programming languages, I can work with the most basic of tools, such as notepad, as well as with the WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet (WYSIWYG) editors, such as Frontpage. Clover Park Technical College has helped me out with the programming side of the Internet and some graphic techniques I never would have figured out on my own.
If you need to know what I can do, or what programs I can work with, or what programming languages I know, take a look at my resume.